Men's Bottom Wear


In today’s world of fast-changing fashion, the boundary between casual and formal is blurring fast. As your options to expand your presence to new styles, you can get more liberal and creative with what you choose to wear. After all, who doesn’t want to impress at the first chance? Bewakoof offers an arsenal of attractive men’s bottom wear that suits your daily needs without making you look out of place. So come, let’s dive into further details.


Unlike the briefs, boxers offer greater comfort along with a pinch of swag. A big mistake that many youngsters make is that they choose briefs just to get the name of a sought after brand, even if that means sacrificing comfort.

What you should realize is that comfort is a far greater factor in deciding the boxers. Besides, a shade that you love will definitely make you feel better. That is why we bring you a splendid collection of boxers in Bewakoof’s men’s lower section. 

From plain attractive shades to subtle patterned ones, the collection includes it all. Don’t forget our checked boxers and quirky designs that are sure to get your attention. Don’t be afraid of entering the room wearing your boxers in front of your friends anymore. Armored with these trendy pieces, you might as well worry about turning too many heads! 


Joggers are a revolutionary change from the traditional long trousers into their more liberating form. With joggers accepted as a new style, get ready to let these take your world by a storm. Check out Bewakoof’s elaborate collection of Men's Joggers designed uniquely for your tastes and passions. From denim joggers to plain casual joggers, you’ll find them all. You just have to pick the right style and color you love.

How To Choose One

Sporty joggers are apt for a quick outing into your hood. The best part is that they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Pick a T-shirt that you love and jump into your joggers as you step out.

Looking for casual joggers with a badge or striped joggers with a catchy color combination? Bewakoof has you covered. Now choose a slim or regular fit to take your fashion game up a notch.

Want to jump outside for a quick bite? Or going to meet your pals in your hood? A colored pocket jogger is perfect to quickly hop into. These might be underrated, but they can look attractive when combined with a classy Men T-shirts or hoodies.

Choosing Joggers

There are many ways to make your men’s lowers work wonders for your appearance.

Joggers are not new but have been in the streets for long. This includes striped designs and pocket panel joggers. They merge street fashion and swag and have become the favorite Men Lowers of this period.

What you choose to wear on top also matters in the final statement you make. Besides, pairing joggers with a T-shirt is still a classy statement; it will never go out of style. A fine fabric sweater also brings a sporty feel without bringing the typical casual mood of a T-shirt. Hoodies or blazers or denim jackets work great as well.

Pyjamas And Casual Pants

In this world of new normal, casual has become the new standard. It has crossed the boundary of being restricted to just a few occasions to being worn all the time. With work from home becoming the norm, everyone has embraced the new ordinary. Bewakoof offers a captivating range of pyjamas and casual pants suited for all occasions. Just keep a few points in mind before you pick lowers for men.

Colored pyjamas are great for those who carry sporty and fun characters. The flashing yellow or neon orange pyjamas for men will suit you well and announce your presence where you go. Check out the right size and fit from our collection.

Bewakoof’s Men Lower's collection also includes plain pyjamas. These combine well with plain T-shirts as a casual option. Better, check out the round pocket version of jogger pants available in different sizes and shades. We also offer a killer collection of smart chinos. They have a subtle formal appearance and come in shades like gray and khaki. Note that both these are slim fits.

Finding The Right Fit

While picking the fit of your bottom wear, remember not to run with the herd. Remember that you are unique; you look best when you pick what suits you. The key is to pick what makes your body look better. Carefully select your matching fit according to body type, and you’ll surely impress those around you.


Bewakoof understands your varying needs and offers plenty of choices in sizes: pick from Small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, or 3XL. If you prefer any shade in particular, you can now search accordingly. Choose from blue, gray, green, maroon, orange, pink, black, brown, red, and yellow. 

For more convenience, you can also browse based on design. Choose from plain & printed. Furthermore, you can pick either a slim fit or a regular fit.

Are you looking for the latest in our collection? Go select ‘New’ from the categories. You might want to check out the popular choices to get a sense of our trending picks. 

Become A ‘TRIBE’ Member

Bewakoof offers Tribe Membership, where special discounts are available for members of the TRIBE. Become a member by subscribing for half-yearly or annual plans and get attractive low prices for selected items. Trust us, and it will be a great decision.

Also, we regularly update our picks, so don’t miss out on attractive models. Make sure to drop by our online store often to find the latest collections in all our categories like Polo T-shirts, Bags, Notebooks and more.